The Myth of the Theatre Major Stigma

For those of us who decided to be Theatre majors in college and are now out in the “real” world, the reactions we can receive when sharing this information can vary from disdain to enthusiasm.  It wasn’t until I read Tom Vander Well’s blog post on having a theater major that I realized alot of the discomfort I had from admitting I was a theatre major came from within me, rather than the outside world.  Tom wrote a wonderful blog post about how being a theatre major prepared him for success and it really changed the way I looked at myself and the relevance of a theatre major not only as an actor, but as a well adjusted person venturing into any profession out there.  You can read his blog post here

Looking back on my college experience at UCLA (which was oh a whopping 3 years ago) I realize how much being a theater major prepared a work ethic for me that I will value reglardless of whatever profession I venture into.  I was rehearsing, researching, and studying from 8am-11pm almost daily my first year.  I learned about self-sacrifice and teamwork.  In addition I was forced to learn about a wide variety of subjects that opened my mind to cultures and histories that I otherwise never would have studied.  It prepeared me how to deal with all sorts of personalities (and lets face it, in the entertainment business “personalities” are rampant!).  I learned incredibly valuable communication skills and how to work with whatever little resources you have.  It stretched me, enlightened me, and helped me grow immensely.  Anyway, Tom sums it up incredibly and I highly encourage a gander for all you wayward, perhaps recently graduated Theatre Majors who are second guessing their major choice in this volatile yet exciting world.  Have a happy monday!

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