My Month of Firsts

Whew, I have been away for a bit.

This was a month of firsts: First met family members in Canada, new and first discoveries about my American Family (both beautiful and ridiculous), first time writing and filming my own work, and first time performing Improv.

I finished my UCB 101 improv class last month and have been editing my short scene that I co-wrote and filmed early July.  Then took a mind blowing trip to Canada where I was re-introduced to the madness that is my family..lets just say National Lampoons Family Vacation is pretty close to my personal memoir.

I was dreading my UCB 101 graduation class and after the graduation show I felt like a champion.  Probably the closest I could feel toward Olympic Glory as an actor (aside from winning a Academy Award.)  I say this because I can’t explain to you how scared and self defeating I was about this whole “be funny/creative/impulsive and create a story” thing.  Or in other words, doing improv.

The graduation show was fantastic.  I had so much fun. Everything that I had struggled and been practicing the past 8 weeks just suddenly clicked. Everything I had been taught worked.  The hard work I put in paid off. I was funny (I think..), I listened, I was working at the top of my intelligence, it was about my scene partner and the story, not how funny and witty I could be.  I felt like a true team player.  I felt like I belonged up there.

A shot from our show. I haven't given this expression a "name yet." Constipated? Burning? Ecstatic? Beats me.

And my scene partners were INCREDIBLE.  We all did it together, we grooved. Basically, it was a personal success.  And as soon as I can put aside the funds, I’m moving onto level 201.

Me doing the monologue for our set. The true story involved my mom's gynocological profession and her trying to teach me and my brother safe sex with condom earrings..yeah let your imagination run with that one..

Also, my friend Adam and Ava and a couple other fantastic crew members (by the name of Travis and Paul) and I had a blast one day filming all our scenes for our reels.  Just a group of artist types with the ability and way to make a story and put it on film.  I am in the process of editing it and am excited to show it here as a soon as possible.

Ahh, finished a 12 hour day filming. Nothing like pasta and wine with the best crew in existence on a summer evening

There is something very empowering about creating.  Creating your own work, whatever it is.  Life is movin’ and groovin’.  A new journey is in the making for me, more on that later..gotta keep you on the edge of your seats.  It may not be what everyone thinks, but life is full of surprises.

One thing is for sure, I HAVE to write in this blog more often.  See you next time, which I am making a promise to myself and you won’t be in three months.  But you know, sometimes we have to step away and conjure creation in our lives.  In any case, I know this will always be here.

Have a great sunday