Don’t mess with the Artist Child.

The other day I was standing in line to witness my first UCB show, reading “The Artists Way” and a gentleman asked me, referring to the book, “So, are you an artist?”

The question took me aback, and I looked behind me to see if he was talking to someone else.  Then I smiled, and answered proudly, “Yes, yes I am.  You?”

You see, I never really knew whether or not to answer this question with “yes”.  I’ve had a view of an artist as someone wearing a beret whilst painting, with a cigarette sticking out of her mouth, speaking french. Very cartoonist I know.  But after week one of the Artist Way and writing my morning pages, I’ve come to realize that yes, I am an artist.  I mean I’ve choosen to pursue a career in acting for pete’s sake.  Not as a hobby, but as a JOB.

Reading this book and participating in these morning pages has caused me to flashback constantly to when I was a child, and how I used to write FOR HOURS.  I would fill pages and pages up of sketches and poetry.  And may I say, it wasn’t too bad.  Look it wasn’t Pablo Neruda, but it wasn’t total crap.  And I’ve missed that.  It’s so easy when you become an “adult” or whatever the hell that is to squelch your artist child.  Yes, it sounds cheesy, and I thought it was too at first.  But try out the morning pages and read what Cameron has to say in the book and then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

I would say that the Artist Way has opened a door to me getting in touch with my artist child and it’s been really peaceful.

This was in Lake Tahoe. I was with my family and went off on my own for a bit and found this quiet place.

It’s brought joy back to my free time.  It’s very awesome too that this new journey has also co-insided with starting UCB classes.  I’m in 101 and I’m having the time of my life.  I’m connecting with myself and other artists.  I HIGHLY recommend you take classes there, even if you aren’t an actor.  It’s good for EVERYONE.  Oh, and their shows are cheap and fabulous.  I had an amazing night there having my own artist date and laughing my tiny tushy off.

Anyway, I’m happy.  I also quit my lame day job, which is scary as heck, but it wasn’t serving me in any way, financially or logically.  So a new door is opening.  That being said anyone need a babysitter? Or a body guard? I can do a mean roundhouse.

Anyway, I’ve got a new open void ahead of me and I have only myself to trust.  Yikes. I mean c’mon would you trust this girl?

As a borg on Star Trek Voyager when I was a kid. If my inner artist child had a look, this would probably be it.