Channeling Your Inner “You”

As an actor one of the things I’m told all the time is to just “be yourself.”  This can get a little old after a while..especially if you are neurotic like me and plagued with insecurities like “Who Am I? What if ‘me’ isn’t good enough? Does my butt look weird in these skinny jeans? Can someone 4’10 actually pull off skinny jeans?” etc etc.

Well, that “just be yourself” statement hasn’t really clicked until recently.  The acting gods have smiled down on me lately and I’ve had the chance to audition a bit more than usual.  Nothing dusts off the rust like auditions, and I’ve found that not trusting your instincts can be a real pain in the ass.  I never thought I would, but I totally fell into the “trying to guess what they want game” in a few auditions, which is a total mind f**k and I wouldn’t reccomend it.  You cannot be a mind reader and it’s not your job to be one..really your job is to bring yourself to every audition.  Because you can’t be anyone else than YOU and when you try, you sorta end up looking like this:

No one likes to look constipated.

Try to remember the point is to have fun and release the need to please everyone.  Your job is to bring YOU, your uniqueness to the work.  Of course do your homework and research, but do the role how YOU would do it..fitting yourself into some box that you think “others” like  leads to self sabotage.  Ok I’ll try to follow my own advice now..

On the subject to channeling you “you”, I came across a great article written by a casting director and actor mentor named Bonnie Gillespie.  She talks alot about your “youness” in an audition room in an article here  and I highly reccomend you read it and follow her blog.  It’s full of great tid bits and advice on the actor’s journey from a casting director’s standpoint.  It helped me, and even if you aren’t an actor, we all have to do job interviews in our lives.  I think you’ll find channeing you essential “youness” will help you in the basic job interview as well.

I have no idea why I'm so excited in this picture, but I sure look happy. Perhaps this is what I'll feel when I embrace my inner "me"! Either that or I'm looking at something really really shiny..

That’s my acting bite for this week, happy auditioning and creative the meantime, I’m starting Julie Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and will keep you posted on my thoughts..