Stir the Sh*t and Create Change

So, I’m freaking out a bit.

This is me freaking out right now. Yup.

And I’ll tell you why.  I’m onto week 4 of The Artist’s Way and enjoying it alot. Basking in self-nurturing. At least until the task I have to undertake this week.  Which is total READING DEPRIVATION.  Which means, in a nutshell, no reading. No reading novels..books..of any kind. For SEVEN DAYS.  Which for me is taking away a past time I hold most dear.  I mean, I worked in a bookstore for goodness sakes, and now I can’t read? For a week? What am I supposed to do?

Well, NOT read the fifth book of this, which I was avidly excited to start this week..Jon Snow will have to my dreams.

Well, that’s sort of the point.  I should probably fill in the time that I would read someone else’s work by creating my own.  So I’ve started by writing about it here, in my blog post.  This also means that I should probably attempt at writing my own work more frequently, which was part of the reason I started this Artist’s Way journey thing in the first place. So I started that too, last night.  With a writing partner.  We wrote a scene.  That every two seconds I judged most harshly and wanted to erase, not because it was “bad” persay (ok yeah, probably because of that) but because the idea of me putting anything from my creative-self into tangible words made me scared and vulnerable.  But I wrote it anyway, we ploughed through.

And are filming it this weekend.


Yup, that’s right, I decided to stop waiting around for a student film, or a booking, and thought “well gosh darnit, I have power and capability, I’ll put something of my own on film.”  So this weekend a film crew will be in my house for approximately eight hours and me and one of my dearest friends will be acting together.  We will be playing, doing what we love best, and alot of it will be from written words that I created.

I’m actually really excited about this as well as totally terrified.  It feels lovely to get off the butt and quit the whining of “I’m not doing anything, or booking anything” and creating it myself.  It’s empowering.  Oh, also, I started painting.  I’ve discovered I’m not half bad at it, perhaps just a quarter bad (no, I do not have the guts to put it up on this blog, not quite yet.)

So anyway, stay tuned for some video posts of our work from this weekend.  I have to say life has a new tint of fun to it.  You would be surprised how much fun you can have from creating your own work, whether it be a small painting, a poem, or a novel.

It reminds me when I was at BADA in college studying at Oxford, and Jeremy Irons was our guest teacher.  He said quite a few things, but one thing that stuck out was that artists have to “stir the shit”.  When’s the last time you created something of your own? Took ownership and stepped into action? Stirred the shit?  It doesn’t have to be some masterpiece.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  One small step at a time can lead to huge leaps and bounds.  And make sure to get some joy out of it.  That’s the whole point right?  What was something you did when you were a kid that you haven’t done since? Remember how brave we were as kids at creating? That never goes away, it may hibernate when we become an adult.  I’m going to stop trying to be the next Hemingway and be Marley, and give myself a break and open my heart to prosperity a bit more.  Join me.

And on that note, a great article here from the lovely casting director/actor supporter Bonnie Gillespie on beating the summer time blues for actors (you know, that slow time for some of us where we get into a funk).  She’s a great gal to read (which I won’t be doing for a week)! Check it out.

Next week, my travels to Canada and attempt of gaining dual citizenship, also, whether or not I’ve eaten my fist from reading deprivation.

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