Something New..

Hi all.

What a crazy week huh? Our country is dealing with a major natural disaster and an upcoming election.  My thoughts are with all my friends and fellow Americans on the east hug:

Seems like we all need a hug this week..

On a total different note, I thought I’d stop procrastinating and post the clips from the shoot I did over the summer.  Yes, it’s been that long since I posted here.  Why, do you ask?

Well, life sort of got busy.  For numerous, great reasons.  One reason is I started working full time at my father’s law office.  Yes! A full time job..and my boss is my pops and I work with my family all day.  A blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing.  Also, I’m working on another life changing project that I won’t share with you quite yet..but don’t worry..I will divulge soon.

So, here are some of the videos we worked on.  It was a blast, and I hope to make more.. perhaps write my own short soon.  It’s good to have friends who are artists and collaborators!

Check them out below:

I missed you


Sibling Rivalry 



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