Running is a Heartbeat

About two years ago I started running, and I haven’t looked back.

Well, I have, during a few injuries and months off..I discovered other ways to move my body.  But nothing challenges me and stirs a primal connection to earth and my heart beat as running does.  About 6 months ago I decided to test out my injured foot and start training for my second half-marathon.  Months of waking up at ungodly hours and training runs later, I completed 13 miles by myself one saturday morning in March.

Shortly after John and I left for a wonderful anniversary trip to Paris and Nice.  I stuffed myself with Fromage, Wine, Happiness, and a few hapless attempts at speaking french.  When I came back, I ran the Hollywood Half Marathon in April.

Passing that finish line was amazing, especially when someone took this AWESOME photo of me:

Not. Attractive.

What was really my favorite moment was hearing a voice call out “Go MAR!” and locking eyes with John, his smile, his eyes, his pride.  His support.  It made it for me, it filled my heart to the brim.  Having family and friends at the end of a race cheering you on is what MAKES the race.  And being there, for John, at the end of the LA Marathon in March, watching him break his personal record, was breathtaking.  A shared moment of love and support.

To think of what happened at the finish line in Boston breaks my heart.  It shakes me very deeply.

But, we keep on running.  We keep on cheering.  We put one foot in front of the other, and even if it starts at a slow crawl on our hands and knees, we stand up and keep running.  I’m doing it again in another half-marathon in July.  For myself, for people I love and care about, and for all of our healing.

Here’s to running, and here’s to moving forward.  Love and Peace.


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