I get Fan Mail.

For those who don’t know reading this, I was a child actress and a recurring character on Star Trek Voyager from the time I was about 10 years old to 12 years old.  (Don’t quote me on that, that’s an approximation.)  I played a kid Borg.  A borg kid.  A borgy worgy. A cutie wootie.  A “I may look tiny and unassuming with large ears but I will assimilate you up mister….” kinda girl..

I will haunt you in your dreams.....with my CUTENESS!!!! By the way that costume was a BITCH to take off. But totally worth it. (Especially when I could scare the shit out of the Paramount Lot Tour Groups. Oh the times we had..)


My experience being on on STV is in the “Best Time of My Life” Category.  Next to, graduating college, meeting my significant other, discovering I was adopted, completing a half marathon and going to NYC On an Off-Broadway Show.  It’s up there.  (Wow my life’s awesome).  One of the blessings I’ve received from being on that show, aside from being able to play a nine year old Borg Child who can kick ass and assimilate a grown man with the blink of an eye and the cock of a head, is receiving fan mail.

Letter writing is becoming a lost art.  Having the chance to open one is few and far between.  It feels like a lost ritual that catapults me right back to that magical feeling one only feels as a child.  There is a magical joy in the simple act of feeling your hands against the paper, and reading the ink.

Opening a fan letter is something that fills me up with a sort of warmth.  It starts at my toes and ends in my stomach. it’s..a fizzy bubbly warmth. It’s also an adventure.  I study the handwriting, which has a wonderful revealing character to it.  Is it scribbly? Is it perfectly within the lines? Is it typed?  I look at the address.  Sometimes somewhere in the states, Alabama, Illinois..New York, etc.  Cool!  Sometimes all the way from New Zealand, Germany, England! Super Cool!  People even include their own artistic creations of photographs, book cards, or book marks that they want me to sign.  Gosh, this is so cool.  I GET to read these! (Oh, and thank goodness for their included addressed and stamped envelopes.  Considerate to boot!)

I wrote this post on a whim, didn’t plan it. Tonight I sat down on my couch after a rough day of work, (You know, those days where your self esteem has been pummeled to a dusty spec due to your own self perpetuating negative thinking) and I went through a couple letters, one from a fan in Alabama and one from a fan in New Zealand. Two lovely, delicate letters.  Just felt that I had to express my gratutide to the people that take the time to write me.  I’m sorry it usually takes me so long to get back to you, but know that I appreciate you, and am very flattered and honored by your kind words.

NOW, that being said:

Resistance is Futile.


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