I am going to Law School.

In two weeks.  There.  I said it.  Whew.

I am reminded of the relief of how Dexter felt when he admitted aloud to one of his victims that he is a serial killer..not that being a lawyer equates being a serial killer…at least to me.  Others most likely disagree.

Or I am reminded of how one feels when they come out of the closet..or at least how I perceive that would feel like.  The reason I haven’t really “come out” on this blog saying it is because..saying it on this blog is saying it as publicly as I can imagine.  That I am going to Law School.  That I will be a lawyer some day.  Why is this hard? Because my identity since I was 6 years old is “actor”.  I worked professionally from 6-17, went to UCLA for it (BA in Theater)..did it for the past four years.  But the truth is, Lawyer has been the other “what if” for my whole life.  And I saw it as negative, because my father is a lawyer.  Not that I equate negativity to my father whatsoever, but I felt like if I became a lawyer I was just doing what he wanted, which for a time that was true.   But now, at 26 years old, and with some life experience behind me and a year in a law office witnessing what Dad does..I realize it’s someting that I want.

Also, I realized that becoming a lawyer does not change the actor part.  I can always be an actor.  That was something I had to come to terms with.  That going to school for 3 years, and passing the BAR and being a lawyer will not destroy my artist.  I won’t loose anything.  I have everything to gain.  It’s about choices, and I choose to be both, in my own ways, on my own terms.

So I approach a transition.  I am going to Pepperdine School of Law.  I got into my top choice Law School.

I bought this shirt and took this picture after my first deposit. Because it's not official until you throw down money and by the shirt!

 I will be a Pepperdine “Wave”, perhaps the lamest and cutest mascot ever…and as Pops always says..I will continue to catch those big “waves” in life as they come, and let other small waves go.  You can’t ride them all at the same time.  And that’s ok.  When the acting wave comes again, as it will, because I  choose that it will, I will ride it with more gusto and love of life than I ever have before.

Hang Loose Man.


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