All About Marley

It seems it was destined that Marley would pursue a career in entertainment as she was born on Academy Award Night.  Named after one of the recipients of the Oscar that night, Marlee Matllin, Marley was fortune enough to be adopted by two adoring, supportive parents.  It was clear to Marley’s parents that she was a complete ham, and they immediately enrolled her in acting classes at the age of 5.  The rest is history: after her first booked television role at the age of 6, Marley was hooked and has been acting professionally ever since.

Marley booked her first role on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at the age of 6.  She didn’t book the role for which she initially auditioned; instead the writers, so enamored with her spunk, wrote a small role for her within the episode.  After that Marley landed a starring role in an independent short Pete’s Garden, which later went to Sundance Film Festival.  She then booked a role in If These Walls Could Talk 2, where she was extremely fortunate to work with such actors as Ellen Degeneres, Vanessa Redgrave, Paul Giamatti, and Elizabeth Perkins.  Shortly after that she snagged a recurring role on Star Trek Voyager as the first child-borg in Star Trek History.

Marley is a proud alumni of UCLA’s Theatre program and now resides in Los Angeles.   She is a second degree black belt, and an avid lover of Spanish, Shakespeare, literature, Game of Thrones, any books that take place in Tudor England and have kickass female characters, writing, music, and politics.  She recently had her Off-Broadway debut in New York.  Soon after she completed her first half-marathon and aims to complete a marathon this year.  She loves yoga, her family, her annoying yet adorable dog Mugsy, and hopes to incorporate more activism in her art.  She also thanks you for reading her bio! Love and peace!